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Here are some websites that will help you on the way to English mastery. Got something we don't or a broken link? Tell us.

This website offers excellent free courses on the English Language. Worth the visit.

Ask Oxford
The interesting website complements nicely to its dull dictionaries. See it to believe it. Quotes, definitions, common mistakes and more.

Code of the Debater
This is a handbook for parliament-style debating. Great for any debater.

MSN Encarta
One of the most full-featured encyclopedia is now available online. Read up!

Did You Know?
Filled with interesting facts and trivia. For pure enjoyment only.

How Stuff Works
How does this work? How about that? This site explains how our everyday things work. Really informative.

An excellent companion to your life, this website explains how to do almost anything. A bit commercialised, but nevertheless good.